Visiting Sky Manor Airport

Sky Manor Airport (N40) is located between New York and Philadelphia and has the ability to handle many varieties of aircraft - including single and light twin engine pistons and turboprops.

Runway 07/25 is 2,900 feet long by 50 feet wide and is newly paved. A GPS or VOR approach is available to runway 07. Field elevation is 560'.

VFR fixed wing traffic should use the standard left hand traffic pattern. VFR helicopters are asked to use right hand traffic. Airport lighting is activated through 7 clicks on 122.975. Advisories are available on the common traffic advisory frequency of 122.975.

When you come to visit, you will find plenty of parking available for you.

For noise abatement, all traffic departing runway 25 are asked to make a right turn to heading 270 until reaching 1000 feet. Aircraft departing runway 07 are asked to fly runway heading until reaching 1000 feet.

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