What’s your perception of the ADS-B mandate?

Perception is everything, right?

When it comes to the ADS-B Mandate, there’s plenty to go around as many people have their own interpretation on how they will handle the reality of meeting the January 2020 deadline.

Perception #1 – Prices will keep going down. Therefore, why make an investment too soon. As a general rule technology eventually comes down in price the longer it is in the market. But today’s marketplace is full of new vendors that have driven the cost down. No longer are the biggest names in navigational equipment the only players that can dictate the price. Competition for the ADS-B pie has ruled the day, so don’t expect bigger price drops any time soon. In fact, they may even go up as supply and demand shifts the closer we get to 01/01/20.

Plus – right now the Government is giving away $500 for up to 20,000 installs which are going fast. So why not get a little bit back from ‘The Man’? That’s $500 less than you will be spending later!

Perception #2 – I have a good relationship with my Avionics guy, he’ll fit me in anytime. Why do now when I have 3 more years? While having a good relationship with your CRS is always appreciated, the reality is that shops are getting booked up. There are only so many hours available and too many planes to fit in. While it might be the best intention for your shop to ‘fit you in’, the only times that might be available to you could be premium Saturday or even Sunday rates. But even those might be booked as we get closer to the mandate.

The point here is not to procrastinate. Think ahead or you could wind up paying more than those acting today or, at worst, find yourself grounded without a certified aircraft after Jan 1, 2020.

This is a complicated situation – we get it. Many people have questions. If you do, you are not alone. Contact us today for more details.

Get Clarification on the FAA Rebate – Read it here.

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Have you heard the news?

We are GARMIN Authorized!

We’ve been hearing it loud and clear for quite some time, “When are you getting GARMIN?”, “Why aren’t you a GARMIN dealer yet?”

Well, after a nearly 2 year journey, we are very proud and excited to announce that we have now become an authorized GARMIN dealership.

This is quite an accomplishment for our team as everyone put in so much hard work and effort to make this happen. We especially would like to thank the good folks at GARMIN who recognized our potential to add value to their already incredible brand.

But more importantly, what does this mean for YOU?
At Sky Manor Air Repair and Avionics our goal has always been to offer solutions that fit your individual needs, whether they be based on personal preference, flight data requirements, cockpit limitations, or budgetary constraints.

In adding the GARMIN brand to our lineup of quality products and services, it allows us to provide you with more options for a truly custom designed solution.

Allow us to design one for you. For details, contact our avionics team today!

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A simple way to save money on your next annual or 2 year certification.

Time is Money.
What you remember to bring to your next service could save you both.

Maybe your running late on your 2-year Transponder and Altimeter Cert. Or perhaps the avionics office called to tell you your new glass panel is in and ready for installation. Either way, the excitement of getting your plane in quickly may have left you forgetting something important at home on your desk.

When bringing in your plane for service, making sure you have everything in hand, or in the plane, can not only help us to serve you better, but might even save you a few dollars as well. Here’s how…

Items to

For Transponder/Altimeter Checks
Air-frame Logbooks

  • Retrieving component serial numbers from the log book rather than having to locate them within the aircraft can save an enormous amount of billable time.
  • Many components are difficult to access and require disassembly and reassembly of many features in order to locate the components and record this important information.
  • Plus, we rather save you the money and us the time!

For Avionics Installations
Air-frame Logbooks
Weight & Balance Report (Plus History Too)
Flight Manual Supplements

  • Having copies of old Weight & Balance Reports can offer our technicians a history of previous mounting locations of your current equipment.
  • Not only will this save you billable time from having to locate otherwise hidden components, it can offer our technicians insight into how best to mount your newer equipment.

We mention the need for these items in order to perform our best service to you, yet so often one or more of these documents are missing from the aircraft.

Additionally, in order to be flight legal, it is required that the Flight Manual Supplements and copy of the most recent Weight & Balance report be in the aircraft. Please don’t leave them home.

If you have questions regarding your next service visit, please reach out to us in advance. We would be happy to go over everything that’s needed to perform our best work for you – and in the least amount of time as well.

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