Helping some lesser known hurricane victims at Sky Manor Air Repair

Sky Manor Air Repair and Avionics recently had the remarkable pleasure of indirectly helping a great group of people complete their mission to rescue 31 dogs from harm’s way.

Last month Hurricane Harvey forced millions of families to leave their homes. Many faced the difficult decision to put their pets in a shelter or simply leave them behind. Rising flood waters forced many of these abandoned dogs further into outlying areas and overcrowded kennels. With limited resources and the growing need for space, some dogs will ultimately be euthanized.

That’s where FlyPups came in, but they needed some help. at Sky Manor Air RepairSky Manor Air at Sky Manor Air RepairRepair and Avionics got the call just before Labor Day that a plane needed priority status on an annual inspection for a critical mission ahead – flying supplies to Mississippi and returning to the Northeast with, hopefully, 31 rescued dogs.

The team jumped to the task of expediting a thorough inspection of Matthew Kiener’s Piper Saratoga in order to get it mission ready. Matthew is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Volunteer Pilot of – an organization committed to moving dogs at risk of being euthanized to non-kill shelters and fosters allowing adoptions to be facilitated and placing them in loving homes.

According to Matthew, “Jay, Jamie, Dana and the rest of the team at Sky Manor Air Repair really came through [for us]. I’m certain that Jay and Jamie did a most excellent and thorough inspection. The plan is to fly supplies to Mississippi tomorrow [Sunday 9/3/2017] and return Monday with 31 dogs. We are trying to clear out shelters in the areas surrounding Texas so the dogs in the flood zones can occupy these shelters. It’s important that we don’t pull people’s pets and bring them this far north without giving them the opportunity to be reunited.”

“And while she didn’t turn any wrenches, Dana was not only instrumental in the facilitation of the expedited annual inspection, she along with Jay & Jamie, have been very kind and supportive of the FlyPups effort.”

All of us at Sky Manor Air Repair and Avionics were proud to be part of this worthy effort.

Learn more about FlyPups and how you too can help their cause.

Ted Shelson, Marketing Director
Sky Manor Air Repair and Avionics
48 Sky Manor Road
Pittstown NJ 08867

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