Performance Adding Tip, Part 2

Last month we tackled cleaning and how keeping your aircraft free of dirt and grime will surely increase the speed of your aircraft.

Now that your arms and shoulders have recovered from all of that cleaning and waxing, we will cover another, often overlooked, aspect of flight performance – rigging.

More Speed Through Proper Rigging

Speed. We spoke of it last month and learned that something as simple as a cleaning can add very measureable performance to your aircraft. That’s the first step. But there is certainly more that can be done to bring your plane back to new performance – and it does not involve doing anything to the engine.

Have you given any thought to the way your plane flies through the air?

It may be flying in a forward direction, but with the nose angled to the left or right, is it really flying straight? If a plane isn’t flying straight it creates unnecessary drag which slows its speed down. It is quite possible that this is the result of an improperly rigged plane.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

• Do you need to use rudder trim to keep the nose straight or the wings level?
• Is the ball on your turn and bank indicator not centered?
If you answered yes, then it is quite likely that your airplane is in need of a rigging adjustment.

While there are plenty of speed mods available on the market to squeak out that extra knot or two, the first thing that they recommend would be to have the plane properly rigged. The beauty is that this may be the only thing your plane needed in the first place. A properly rigged plane could pick up as much as 5-7 knots by just making it fly straight.

So, between giving your plane a good, thorough cleaning and having it track correctly through the air with proper rigging, can you imagine the performance that could be gained? It would be like having a brand new plane all over again.

As with anything, however, there are limitations. Please be sure to contact our team at Sky Manor Air Repair for more detailed information on the options available for your plane.

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